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About Us

Who we are and how we started is an important part of why we are in the care business.

The At Home Care residence was built as our own home. A place for us to relax in comfort, while enjoying the serenity of country living. When a beloved family member, become disabled and needed additional support, we decided to do what most families do, provide as much care and comfort in our own home as we could.

Our beloved Thelma Jean passed away in June 2010, but her memory and relentless vigor to embrace all life has to offer, continues to live on in each of us. Care Patrol, A Place For Mom,

It was out of this experience that our desire to continue to care for those in need began.

We set out to create a place that encourages resident independence, provides care and support as needed, and allows residents to have fun and live life to the fullest, all while never losing sight of the personal care touch needed to treat each and every resident as they are, an individual. Where dignity, respect, and a family style environment is encouraged, just as Thelma Jean would have wanted.

With careers ranging from 10 years of project management, 20+ years of licensed caregiving, and 10 years of cooking in an assisted living, it became clear, the At Home Care family was destined to be where we are today. Sharing our experience, love for each other and what we do, makes our care philosophy simple: Caring isn't just our business, it's who we are, and our way of life!

In her honor we have created the "Thelma Jean Suite" and we never lose sight of how it all started, and why we continue to care. Through her we have all realized that though life isn't without circumstances, enthusiasm, a caring team and a place to call home, can make a world of difference. To us, caring truly starts...At Home!

When You're At Home, You're With Family!

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