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An Exceptional Dining Experience

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At Home Care is dedicated to having trained staff to prepare and serve excellent meals and snacks. Our food staff is led by an experienced Nationally Certified Food Manager (CFM), always there to provide the most delicious meals and snacks, prepared above and beyond your expectations. Doing so has led him to receive many "thank you" notes from residents of other facilities after meals, as they can always tell when he's added his special touch to the menu!

With experience in both restaurant and assisted living environments, our facility CFM is able to offer a variety of mouthwatering meals, which are sure to create an exceptional dining experience. All of our menus are reviewed and approved by a Registered Dietician, then updated according to specific resident diets and taste preferences. From five star restaurant style dining to physician ordered therapeutic diets, our meals are sure to be both healthy and delicious!

Care Patrol, A Place For Mom,

In addition to creating fabulous meals, our CFM is a master at preparing tasty snacks such as homemade ice cream, fruit smoothies, signature salads, fresh baked cookies, pies, cakes, and so much more...he even bakes tasty treats for Shaggy, our resident Pet Therapy dog!

Throughout the month our CFM engages residents by leading our facility Cooking Club, where residents and staff get together to create memorable experiences in the kitchen. Additionally, once a month, we host a Meal of the Month event where residents choose the menu. Selections include lobster, steak, or just about anything else they desire, as we aim to ensure the greatest dining experience possible.

Come visit with your loved one during one of our Meal of the Month events, and enjoy some awesome mouthwatering food!

Preview our menu selections and see why the At Home Care standard is truly an exceptional dining experience!

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